Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grape Juice from Wild Grapes


--> I discovered the wild grapes growing all over the edge of the nearby wooded swamp I live. The grapes were no more than a tenth of the size of the cultivated once. The leaves were also smaller, but nearly identical in form to those of cultivated grapes, and they grew on the same kind of vine with the same kind of tendrils. I sampled cautiously. Yes, it was extremely sour, but I was excited to add this to my wild food foraging experience. 

I picked a handful of clusters of wild grapes and brought them home into my kitchen. 

Here is how I enjoyed these wild fruits.


¼ cup of juice from 2 hand-full of wild grapes
3 cups spring water
2-3 tablespoons Maple Syrup, or to taste

--> Preparation: Wash the grapes and pick from the tendrils.  Use a stainless steel strainer with medium to small holes and place into a colander.  Place the grapes into the strainer and take a potato masher and start mashing until all the juice is excreted.  The juice will run through the hole of the strainer into the colander.  Gather all the juice into a measuring cup and fill it into a glass container.  Add the spring water and the syrup and shake. Enjoy this healthy drink.


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