Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three Steps for your Kitchen Makeover

Are you struggling with finding ideas for what to prepare for dinner? Is breakfast a grab and go thing? Does your family not appreciate your sweat-filled efforts in the kitchen? Are you getting tired of the endless sandwiches, lunchboxes, salads, and soups you’re consuming?

If these scenarios ring several bells, and if you are willing to step into your kitchen to unleash your creativity in a new way, I have outlined 3 steps you could take in this direction.

Step 1. Get support in your kitchen

We spent many hours in the kitchen, planning, preparing, storing, cleaning, shopping, and then, well it repeats every day. Why not start getting support by carefully maneuvering and probing some little helpers, or even adults in our households to step in and make your kitchen life more powerful.

Step 2. Set up your kitchen with recording devices

Recording devices will allow you to retrieve your successful creations, and powerful and tasty efforts more easily.
A large mirror over your countertop can provide visitors and family members views from all angles. Laptops with seasonal recipe files help you create records of your new creations. A camera ready to manifest your beautiful dishes, as well as family dinners will bring another level of excitement into your kitchen routine.

Step 3. Step outside your kitchen

If you refer to the ebb and flow of your ideas you can find solace in what the season has to offer. When you have the chance to go to a farmers market and enjoy the produce the local farmers have brought that day, your outlook on your kitchen will drastically change. Your energy will be uplifted and each vegetable will offer a new dish, and another powerful creative idea for your kitchen. Bring your camera and capture a few images your eye likes to linger over or crabs your attention. File these images away with your recipes.

These 3 steps will drastically change your perception in your kitchen. Try it out and send me your new creations.

Best to you Gabriele Kushi