Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wild Foods Recipes from Gabriele Kushi's Kitchen

Wild Foods Recipes from Gabriele Kushi's Kitchen
Enjoy wild foods if you have a bee safe, chemical free garden, yard, or
can gather them in the woods. 
  • Pick plenty of wild foods like dandelion, plantain, chickweed or violet young leaves and flowers. 
  • Wash all very well and drain. Optional quick steam for dandelion.
  • Add these to your raw green salads or a steamed green leafy vegetable dish.
  • Get veggis form your own organic garden, natural food stores, or farmers market.
  • Add some minced parsley and chives, maybe mint.
  • Before serving, dress the dish with sea salt, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive or flax seed oil and mix. 
Click if you like to read more about how to identify, harvest and use wild plants.

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